BehindTheBallerPodcast EP 115 - LET'S BE REAL: Travis Scott's McDonald's Collab & Golden Ticket ?,


His name is Ben Baller, not Ben Humble & he's here to discuss: When will we be returning to normalcy?, restaurant closures in USA, anti-maskers & why President Trump withheld information, Prolonging the Pandemic, having children in this era, Travis Scott's collaboration with McDonald's, The Golden Ticket Question, Gary Vee Interview, Pokemon Cards, Chain Giveaways, BB Topps Chrome Box Ripping, selling on autographs on, fans at NFL Games, waking up Sunday to NFL Football, Snickers Chain 2.0 on ESPN, Seahawks getting the W in Atlanta & playing New England next week, the 49ers looking like trash. our picks for MNF at (Promo Code: Baller), Rockets being knocked out by the Lakers, rooting for the Celtics to make it to the Finals, Clippers heading to Game 7 vs Nuggets, apology to Drink Champs,   PML Quickstrike, Those who have wanted to race, seeing a palm tree on fire, Wildfires all over the West Coast & air quality, What He's Watching, giving love advice to a youngster, a property tax bill & a whole lot more.  This episode is presented by (PROMO CODE: BALLER) Produced by: DBP CORP Follow @dbpodcasts on Instagram & Twitter Music by @lakeyinspired Available on all Podcast Platforms, YouTube & Behind The Baller Theme Music  Artist: Illegal Kartel (@illegal_kartel_mikal_shakur) Produced by: Gene Crenshaw @yuyuthemaker

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