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BeatStars Billy Martin of Good Charlotte- Transitioning to Making Beats, Illustrating



In today’s world, we producers often have many creative skills they learn that helps fulfill them and pay the bills. That is definitely the case for our next guest, Billy Martin who is a guitarist and keyboardist for the punk rock band, “Good Charlotte”. He shared his journey joining “Good Charlotte” as a senior in High School then having the commercial success of a platinum record a few years after Billy joined. He eventually decided to get back into another love of his, illustration, and despite having the brand behind him he did have to work really hard on his skills to compete with those who had been doing it as a career. He shares that being focused and disciplined with his work, schedule and making sure he was always learning helped him achieve success in music and illustration. He also eventually started making beats for artists and on BeatStars, once again despite having a name in the industry he ran into all kinds of problems including an artist never paying him for an entire album he produced. Listen to these stories and more on this episode of Beat The Block, powered by BeatStars. If you’re a producer trying to make a living doing what you love, head over to and start making money, for free.

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