bbno$ hyrule temple prod. DJ YUNG VAMP



2 MUCH DRIP, IM A SHOWERCant see the top of my money, it’s a towerRarely pop shit but my candy always sourShe said she likes flowers well bitch I like flourcourse I make bread yeh its rising every hourbaby overpowered yeah people tryna nerf my shitall dez sussyboys tryna lick my dickyeah pull up looking dapper in the cleanest fits, baby need da money never call it quitsonly pipe a girl if she really fitthofind merunning out doe tryna find a little doewhen dis baby gets sum moeI’MA cop my self a boat, SETTING SAIL IN MONTCLAIR COATYeh I Got to the top, and never had a ropeHUHMoney and I got eloped, all my data on a positive slopeHuhHaters on like me yo Baby what the hell u doingWhy can’t I call you a jokeSussyboy u is a roachU fly economy, bitch Im fucking flying coachMove on me you wont, I don’t think I’ll boast,U some dried up toast, lamb kebab the goatMy life is sick ya I do what I want/ so its fuck a 9-5 bitch I am my boss I cant handle people telling me shit, don’t give a hell about u im close to the topWhy is it once I finally gained some money everybody started to care a lotI feel like its just ME MYSELF AND I/ in a game with some snakes im
  • Producer: DJ YUNG VAMP
  • Release Date: March 22, 2019


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