foster & the pranksters La Honda

After a lengthy production process in the creation of our EP, "Further," we were approaching 2 years since the release of our first single, "Think Me A Fool." While the band has created a small buzz, based on the signature blend of blues, hip-hop and rock, our live audience and social media following were anticipating a full release. We put together a collection of studio recordings; singles & B-sides from our vault and live show to share with our fans. Every song is an original composition (music by Mike C/lyrics by Foster); performed by the band in real-time; live takes, no punches. Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Foster, this is a truly DIY, independent body of work. We're also very pleased to present an appearance by Detroit veteran, Royce Da 5'9" on a track titled, "Live As It Gets." Thank you to all the Pranksters out there! Welcome to the acid test.

  • Producer: Foster the Prankster
  • Runtime: 18 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date: