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Badman Vibez Chairman


Badman Vibez

This song is dedicated to Lex Papichulo for the motivation They ask me Crackie how your team be i say on God Chasing dreams like They ask me how we move up mehn Dc Lifestyle, CME Lets go! YH Shout outs to my niqqas wey be chairman And the little ones I pray you go Bigup And we no no get talk if you no be the chairman Im a little boy but I got a big God Tell me anything wey you dey need I got plugs all up in china dem go ship Everything i dey do na based on believe Burn the Lala no tobacco leaf It is a nightmare to wake up with no money in your pocket in the streets The streets na gold go check if your girls is digging

  • Album: Soft Onitsha Boy
  • Release Date: