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Badí Acceptance EP


Recording artist Badí (pronounced bah-dee) is one-fourth of the NY based Hip Hop collective The.Wav, and his new EP “Acceptance” is an authentic work of heart. As a talented lyricist and vocalist, Badí has the range and creative potential to produce both pop and rap radio hits. But the Acceptance EP leans hip hop because the art form’s energy matched the pulse of Badí’s heart and mind in 2014. “Acceptance is about my life in 2014: my music, my relationships, and my reflections on the issues facing America this year,” he tells his creative family The.Wav at an intimate listening party in New York City. He felt these stories would best be told through the medium he was drawn to from a young age while listening to master storytellers like Nas and Mos Def.

  • Producer: Mr. Jones, Kashif Wingo, Gregory Stutzer & JSING
  • Runtime: 21 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date:


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