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Baaku Lennon Stella - Kissing Other People (Baaku Remix)



Shalom friends, This will likely be my last remix. On that note.. My days of making “EDM” are also.. pretty over. I mean, hell, I still love dance music and electronic music, so It’ll never FULLY be absent from my production, but after years of overthinking and running around in circles over what I want, I’ve just had to accept that I belong in another space, hopefully my own (wherever/whatever that may be). So, I’m going to continue to take some time to let myself fall into it, cause I think it’s important for me to be sincere in what I’m putting out there. I hope whoever cares about Baaku as a project will join me for the journey! On a brighter note, Baaku will he project based from now own, which I’m so excited about!!! Anyway enjoy the remix!

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