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Azzle Majob azzle-majob-please

  • Album: Single

Please Lyrics Chorus Oh will you (X8) Please Verse 1 I don't let this people bother me All I ever wanted was to make my mama proud Forget the pain, work until is gone maintain your dream, don't believe in failure This days everybody don't be loyal Be careful who you share your problem with ain't gat you Chorus Verse 2 I die for truth man ain't take no kid Tell your rappers if they act rats ain't give no cheese I came from hood where Everybody being in music to hustle if you ain't that nigga you aint rapper enough,you just sound like turn off you dream big WIth good stuff Or planned this shit then go for it Don't be the same person whom just Plan a thing and get intimidated Then call a quit Im Blessed Ain't gat no problem my girl she's Believing me While y'all fake people busy discusing me I need more better things I'm sicking screaming for help Chorus

  • Producer: Azzle Majob
  • Album: Single
  • Release Date: