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A Waste of Time w/ Itsthereal #148: Ron Funches


This week on A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal, we welcome comedian/writer/actor Ron Funches, to the Upper West Side! Ron discusses his upbringing in Chicago, moving to Oregon and starting anew, getting fired from Chuck E. Cheese, performing backyard wrestling, starting a family in his early 20's and raising an autistic son, doing open mics and learning to trust his own voice, all while dreaming of a life in entertainment outside of the Northwest. We talk about the comedy scene in Oregon, what he learned as a supporting act, finding management, working with like-minded, good people in comedy, getting hired to write sketches on Kroll Show, and what the festival circuit has to offer. Ron speaks on what Hollywood attitudes are really like, how splits his time between acting and stand-up, workin

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