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Avanti Nagral He Makes Me (Acoustic)


Song Name: He Makes Me (Acoustic) Artist: Avanti Nagral Songwriter(s): Avanti Nagral (ASCAP, 75%), Rebecca Liberman (ASCAP, 25%) Music Programming: Rebecca Liberman, Che Ramirez Mixing/Mastering Engineer: Che Ramirez Grouping/Master Rights: Avanti Nagral Genre: Pop, Ballad, Indie Pop, Love Song, Acoustic Pop BPM: 120 Year: 2020 Comments: love song, acceptance, female vocals, ballad, piano ballad, acoustic pop, romantic, family, family love, nostalgic. Song is a letter to a father/parent about the acceptance of new love in a daughter's life.

  • Producer: Che Ramirez
  • Release Date:

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