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A Side B Side Podcast These Are Our Stories: Part Two with Rodney Coursey


The Media doesn't convey stories that aren't something that can easily be sensationalized. Unless the story has cussin, crying, or crime, it usually won't be heard or seen. That is what this mini-series is about. These are our stories. Before the interview Ramsey tells a story about him on the side of the road and where he reads a chilling article about Maurice Gordon, an unarmed black man who was killed by state police on the Garden State Parkway. Part two features Rodney Coursey. He describes his protest experience in Long Branch and Asbury Park with great detail. He's explains how he's more emotionally charged now more than ever before with a "If not me then who?" attitude. He and Ramsey talk about the youth's involvement and why local politics are important. I Need You To Feel This.

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