A-Side B-Side Podcast Episode 015 - The Role of the Contemporary Music Blog


This installment of A-Side B-Side Podcast is inspired by a couple tweets and a 4 AM twitter rant and editorial that never happened. Instead Ramsey explains the confusion. What do music blogs in 2019 even do. Are they part of the blame for the way the music industry is? Press play to listen to the (not quite) angsty music blogger and journalist's response. The music in this episode is Doin' The Most by Sade Emoni. You can also see her performing live at WhatsTheMovement.net's Feels Like R&B. Tickets are still on sale but flying out the door. You can buy them by clicking the link below. www.FEELSLIKERNBWTM.splashthat.com

  • Producer: WhatsTheMovement.net
  • Release Date: January 24, 2019

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