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Ashian Tyga Soro Soke


Ashian Tyga

This is so sad, everything has been turned upside down by our Government and all the youths are ready to turn things right and make everything easy for all the people living in our country  "Soro-Soke" means Speak Louder. The Government need to listen and hear our fucking voice.. The incredible Rapper, Ashian Tyga unleashed another track titled Soro-Soke (Speak Louder) from the stable of Lionshare Records "Hundred" FuckShit produced by Gkinz 💯💯💯 This is the voice of the great people living in Nigeria and  all Nigerians all over the world are all saying the samething Soro-Soke WeyRey.. All problems must be solved.. #EndSars.. #EndBadLeadership EndShit NoShit FuckShit.. Yeahaa yeahaa. Hundred Ni.. Connected.

  • Producer: Gkinz
  • Album: Lionshare
  • Release Date: