Ashian Tyga Stingy

  • Feat. Whizzberry
  • Album: Lionshare

My life is just like yours, because we both live to achieve what we are both created for.. I was born to be what I wanna be in life... I’m in already but I pray to Almighty God to keep lifting me higher to get to my right destination, because I already knew that my future is going to be great.. like I always said... The street is not for anyone.. we all own the street.. Wa Shey Oun Be Ni.. FuckShit 💯💯💯 Nigeria talented Rapper and hit maker, Ashian Tyga, The Incredible, as unleashed another incredible latest track Titled: Stingy ... featuring WizzBerry ... from the stable of Lionshare Records... Hundred 💯💯💯 Stingy, is produce by Gkinz Beat, am not here for shit.. so don’t give me shit.. one ☝️ love has been keeping my moving right from the source.. Everything is Hundred.. Lionshare

  • Producer: Gkinz
  • Album: Lionshare
  • Release Date: August 14, 2020