ARVGet Right

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I been tryna get right Get my life straight, use the headlights Hard to see at night, temper is higher fahrenheit’s I see and I stare with freight There be no glare, but I see the light Lately it’s been hard to sleep at night It’s feeling like a Poltergeist That’s lingering in my mind, And I’ve been looking for a sign Looking for a sign Yeah So, I Look left look right Right in front and behind Blazed up, I took flight Take a trip in my mind Out of trouble on my grind Undercover in disguise Disgusted by these guys Who wanna go dull my shine, Ha You got the juice? Ha Well, I’m corona with the lime Shot of Henny on my side for my ride or die Haters lay under lies, like an underline. I just rise like the summertime tide, uh, yeah. I had to make some changes in my life Spending expenses