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ARTZ Mixie / Vogue (Digi.Cassette 2.0)


Reject Dreams presents "Mixie & Vogue" from our lead recording artist "ARTZ". As the end of summer approaches ARTZ delivers with vibes that can guarantee to make it to the club and the after party. Teaming up with R&B acts "Nbdy" & "Devin Tracy" for "Mixie" produced by "Rena1ssance" the soundtrack serves as a theme song for ladies and players everywhere. On the flip side "Vogue" produced by "WhatsGoodKev" & co-produced by "TyTheSoundGod" offers the perfect blend of introspective rap and trippy melodics.

  • Producer: Rena1ssance, WhatsGoodKev & TyTheSoundGod
  • Runtime: 6 minutes, 2 songs
  • Release Date: