Jitsvinger Sterk Medisyne

I remember first meeting Jitsvinger in 2006 or 7 at Obs fest and being quite surprised to realise he is not a dj (I thought so because of the 'vinger' in his name). That was also the first time I saw him perform. I was introduced to Jits by one of the Writers Block members and after checking his performance out I knew I wanted to work with him at some point. A few weeks past and I ended up emailing Jits a few beats to check out and he started writing. It was only after a month or two the the recording of the track took place. Credits: Written by: Jitsvinger Produced by Arsenic Recorded by Arsenic at the Metalloid Lab Cape Town(2007) Mixed and Mastered by Gary Arsenic at the Metalloid Lab Jitsvinger Info: Facebook: www.facebook.com/JITSVINGER Twitter: @jitsvinger1 Soundcloud: @jitsmuzik
  • Producer: Arsenic
  • Release Date: December 12, 2014