Maniac Metalloids KONcious FABles ft Konfab &Hy

  • Album: Maniac Metalloid EP
This track was recorded in 2006 as part of an EP project for a production crew i started called The Maniac Metalloids consisting of 3 producers, Bromine, Selenium and myself.At the time i was working with KonFab as part of Writers Block and always identified him as an MC that would fit the vibe of the Metalloids perfectly.Once we gave him the beat he let me know that he is going to feature Hymphatic Thabs on the trackKonFab Thabs…/182089258501553Credits:Written by:KonFab & Hymphatic ThabsProduced by The Maniac MetalloidsRecorded by Arsenic at the Metalloid Lab Cape Town(2006)Mixed and Mastered by Gary Arsenic at the Metalloid Lab
  • Producer: The Maniac Metalloids(Arsenic,Bromine,Selenium)
  • Album: Maniac Metalloid EP
  • Release Date: December 25, 2014