Arsenic Hidden Formulas Vol4...Ear to the Street

*intro ....Feat. Youngsta *Time - Bonzaya The Street Tyrant *Lejela-Thoko - Core Wreckah *Interlude *A Young Boy Killin 'Em - Youngsta *Danger - Illverse *Happy Step/Outro *What You Say? - Core Wreckah, Youngsta, Bonzaya and Illverse credits released December 1, 2012 All tracks produced by Arsenic for Metalloid Lab Productions All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by Arsenic @ The MetalloidLab, Exept "Danger" , recorded at Stovutainment Productions Cuts on Time by Dj Azuhl Design by Nard Star Bandcamp: Facebook: Arsenic - The maniac metalloid Twitter: @Arsenicbeats Soundcloud:
  • Producer: Arsenic
  • Album: Hidden Formulas Vol. 4...Ear To The Street
  • Release Date: December 1, 2012