Arsenic The Maniac Metalloid Hidden Formulas Vol.2 Mixtape

·Intro ·Tofu and Fungus - Fungus and King Daniel ·Meta-Lude - The Maniac Metalloids(Arsenic , Selenium , Bromine) ·Everything I am - Nerverse Condition(Arsenic + Lindsay Rhoda(vocals)) ·Sunday Parking - Arsenic ·Untitled track - Vernon Visqus(writers Block) and Monolith ·Native yard shit - ILL- Literate Skill ·Wha Wha - Arsenic Credits: ·All tracks produced by Arsenic.(exept 'Meta-lude', produced by The maniac metalloids) ·All tracks recorded, mixed and arranged by Arsenic at The Metalloid Lab For more info check out Arsenic online: Bandcamp: Twitter: @Arsenicbeats Facebook: For beats and bookings: or
  • Producer: Arsenic
  • Album: Hidden Formulas Vol.2
  • Release Date: October 1, 2010