Andrwmaars is expressing himself through music and poetry on some issues he is dealing with in his early 20s, the pressure of falling in and out of love and trying to find himself around the right people, he mentions his experiences with relationships and his fantasies of what a relationship is, he also puts out a song of how he's ego has grown over the years while he has been growing, as an artist and writer, Snowflakes for him is a brief overview to his fans about how cold life has been for him personally and the people around him. " i was just testing out the mic and my emotions got spilled all over the place, i'm sorry if i get on your feels " , he says. Stream And/Download SNWFLVKES on @andrwmaars on @soundcloud and @audiomack

  • Producer: AJM Beatz
  • Runtime: 14 minutes, 4 songs
  • Release Date: