Andrew Bigs Think Bigs

Andrew Bigs

Think Bigs is Andrew Bigs' first EP released in March 2016. Based in San Jose, CA -- the heart of Silicon Valley -- Bigs did his best Steve Jobs impression on the cover and continues to push the sound and narrative of music created in the "underside" of Silicon Valley. Before it was released, Bigs quoted: "This new album, 'Think Bigs' is my best work yet. I really took my time to craft this one and develop as an artist and a song writer," said Bigs. "This EP is an accurate reflection of myself, I feel like it shows all sides of me. I'm excited to share with the world and continue to grow. I feel like I'm going to keep evolving and I'm ready for what’s next."

  • Producer: Multiple
  • Runtime: 35 minutes, 10 songs
  • Release Date: March 25, 2016