DJ Snuggles Weight feat. Sean Anonymous

The gold standard for beatbox quality and technical proficiency, both in the studio and on the stage, DJ Snuggles releases his latest track, “Weight”, a collaboration with Sean Anonymous (produced by Big Cats). “Weight” is Snuggles' first official single from 2014’s upcoming EP (mixtape) THAT BEAT and it's a piece he orchestrated from the ground up, from overall conceptualization, to co-production and mix approval. He put a ton of effort into getting this track to sound exactly the way he envisioned it. # CREDITS: Weight feat. Sean Anonymous Written by J. Logan II, S. Wirth-Davis, S. Quinn Produced by Spencer “Big Cats” Wirth-Davis for Big Cats Beats Recorded and Mixed by Spencer “Big Cats” Wirth-Davis. Additional Recording by Bob Lindberg © Copyright 2014, James "DJ Snuggles" Logan
  • Producer: J. Logan II, S. Quinn, S. Wirth-Davis
  • Album: Weight (Single)
  • Release Date: February 21, 2014


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