Various Artists Big Swell Vol. 2

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Following the success of the last BIG SWELL compilation ‘Vol. 1’ that was named FBi Radio’s ‘Album of the Week’, WVS is proud to present the next volume of the BIG SWELL compilation series, ‘Vol. 2’.

‘Vol. 2’ is a collection of 12 original tracks from each of the artists that performed at the BIG SWELL showcase event held on July 1st at the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney. The artists involved is some of the brightest new talents to come out of the emerging wave of hip hop in Australian, including the likes of Travy P, Sophiegrophy, Kwame, Erik Sanders and Lil Spacely just to name a few.

With more and more eyes watching the evolution of the hip hop scene in Australia, the BIG SWELL compilations are an essential release encapsulating this significant moment in time.

‘BIG SWELL Vol. 2’ Compilation will be available via WVS on the 14th July 2017.
  • Added on: Jul 14th, 2017