Damon Davis LOA: Act II

  • Feat. Ms. Vizion
  • Producer: Damon Davis
  • Added on: Sep 19th, 2019 by Farfetched
  • Runtime: 16 mins, 5 songs
Damon Davis, aka LooseScrewz, has been a driving force within St. Louis and regional cultural and political domains. For the majority of the past decade, Davis has played instrumental roles in producing and curating art projects, both audio and visual, that time and again transgresses disciplinary and cultural boundaries with the express purpose of raising social awareness.

Now, after an extended hiatus from the recording studio, Davis announces his forthcoming series of concept albums entitled Loa, born of his study of African-American voodoo traditions in the American South. The second album, LOA: Act II was released on July, 6th, 2016 though Farfetched, the St. Louis/regional art imprint he founded in 2011.

Interweaving meditations on subjects as race, myth, futurism, and history, the trilogy promises to not only decode the genesis of these concepts and their institutions but also to tease them apart in order to encode them with new meanings with the potential to alter the course of their future unfolding.


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