VL Deck Project Music Volume 2

This is the way it works at Section 8 Ent. CEO & chief rhyme spitter VL Deck is constantly recording new music, sharpening his skills, sharing his story. But all this recording also creates a problem - a vault of unreleased music that the fans may never hear.

Not at Section 8 - not with VL Deck, "I'm not holding my music. Not for no deal negotiations, or make believe results. My music is for the 8 - and Ima keep my music in the streets & keep my ppl inspired!" With all the jewels and affluence, anyone can see that Lil Deck has come a long way from his "takin days" of Edgewood Courts. In 2019, Section 8 Ent is gearing up for the greater impact of multiple releases from its CEO. VL explains his release schedule like this: "Trap Pastor gon drop when I feel like it - next 30-60 days. #BJ4L gon drop when I feel like it - before the summer. I dropped 2 projects so far this year.....I might add 2 mo to the schedule and drop 6 projects this year. Maybe more. It's not about flooding or rushing the process. I do this for the trenches. This is music from the heart. From a man of the streets. Project Music - Volume 2. Another chapter in the story of Vicious Living Deck.


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