Underground Exposure Source UES Presents - Slap Tape Vol.1

UES brings you a Hip-hop Spectrum of artists/Groups Nationwide bringing you the Latest Underground Music. Features from: Restlezz Yo Gotti Marcus Cash Savage Abox Hustlino Miley The Big Homie T-Low Gifted Ent L.O.G. Tre Duce Vibe Tav Tha Sav Savaje & Vicious BDC Hans Dolo Kiko YLRS JoeyBarber Phatso Millahtary Rated Pokie Nopales Coleone Levitti Young Raza Willie G Bently L1st Robbie D. Big Tonez Reezy Oso Hayze Tim Dawg Fantum Young Son Eli Ace Sucka Ducka Mario Jig Williams King Daygo MC C.A.E.


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