The Verbal Hologram VIND1 Mixtape

  • Feat. Jish & James Grimm
  • Producer: Vodium, MF-P, James Grimm
  • Added on: May 30th, 2016 by The Verbal Hologram
  • Runtime: 29 mins, 11 songs
The three emcee's of The Verbal Hologram came up with the idea to create a mixtape that would showcase their individual styles. So each emcee would write and record three songs. In true TVH style they also feature on each others tracks. VIND1 is the first mixtape with this concept. The 'V' stands for Volume, 'IND' stands for individual and '1' being the first of the series. The Mixtape consists out of 9 tracks, in 3 different languages; English, Dutch and Papiamentu. People involved: Artwork: Megin 'MINIM' Hayden Most beats produced by The Verbal Hologram (Vodium & MF-P) except 'Axe Puzzles Remix' (Prod. Quasimoto), 'Questy' (Prod. FOXX. Vos) and 'Mondvol' (Prod. Jelin Beats). Mix and mastering: Andre Schrama Thanks to Jish & Grimm for the rhymes and Aiesha F. for the backup vocals.


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