XTRA'D OUT MUZIC Make Hip Hop Great Again

Los Angeles-based indie label, Xtra'd Out Muzic, returns with a compilation mixtape, titled Make Hip Hop Great Again, playing off Donald Trump's campaign slogan. According to the label, the mixtape was born out of the disrespectful words from rap's newest generation, mainly lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert. "They don't know anything about the hip hop culture, so for them to disrespect what those before them did to create a platform that allows them to put out their own music today, is a disgrace," Xtra'd Out Muzic says in a press release. "The way these youngsters speak on the old school is pathetic, and them boys from X.O. wasn't gonna take it anymore." The rap features 17 new tracks, with contributions from BlkWest, Dagirl Jazzo, Mista Maaly, King Choc, KToe and Jayo Felony, among others.


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