Various Artists Digital Dynasty 16 (Hosted by SAIGON)

After 16 installments and an official album, we're back with Tha Advocate for #16 of our free Digital Dynasty mixtape series, hosted by none other than Saigon the Yardfather. This time around, we broke out over 45 new and exclusive tracks from some legends, newcomers, undiscovered talent, a few old school jewels ... and of course, new ish from our host, Saigon. "This mixtape was a lot of work, and with alot work comes a lot of reward. So many talented artists are on here," says Tha Advocate. "Signed or unsigned, we don't discriminate. We leaked three exclusives from Treach and Garden State Greats, Lords Of The Underground, and Big Lou ... and the response was great. That's just cracking the surface." ", we swurving on these suckers," adds Saigon. (Download Digital Dynas
  • Producer: Tha Advocate
  • Added on: February 5, 2015