GO3 Black Quagmire

  • Feat. Rapjuggernaut
mixtape title: Black Quagmire artist name: Go3 twitter tags: @3som3 @3som3_go3 (insta) description: rhode island is synonmus with the hilarious cartoon family guy. Go3 hailing from east providence is introducing the world to a different perspective of the state. black quamire is a the entry point for all dark vulgar minds to be joined and free through innovative lyrical wordplay. its jam packed with funny riveting rhymes and metaphors to keep listeners on the edge of the seat. Go3 has enlisted the Rap Juggernaut Kingpin promo vatican/cool runnings dj for the vivid narrations. Black Quamire is guaranteed to make instant fans of listeners with hit singles like " skydive" "every other day " & "evolution"
  • Producer: Various
  • Added on: September 4, 2016