T-Bone Scarpone The Cowboy with the Black Hat (A Spaghetti Western)

The Cowboy with the Black Hat is a Spaghetti Western / Hip Hop Album that blends conscious and critical lyrics written and delivered in T-Bone Scarpone’s conversational style, with hip hop staples, skits, sex songs, country songs, classic rock influence, and a healthy appreciation for the work and legacy of the late, great 2Pac. The Cowboy with the Black Hat features guest appearances from members of the Scarpone Family and was engineered by Kris Smith of Bridgeway Recording. “How Many Dicks” is one song on the album that finds T-Bone in his absolute comfort zone of freaky tales and graphic lyrics while reimagining Lil Kim’s classic, “How Many Licks”, from a male perspective. Active as a DJ since 2003, T-Bone has been part of the hip hop scene worldwide over a decade now. - Scarpone Family


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