Soul Surplus Zulu Theory (Sample Pack)

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Most fans of rock and classic rock music regard the Beatles as one of the most prolific bands of the genre. They pushed the genre forward through exploring unchartered territory not only sonically, but in songwriting and aesthetic. It is for this very reason that rap fans refer to A Tribe Called Quest as the "hip-hop Beatles". With their afrocentric steez and hard-hitting bass-heavy beats, Tribe carved out a niche that was unique and instantly recognizable. Their ability to effortlessly curate jazz samples and couple them with hard backbeats, along with their commitment to breaking the stereotype of the "gangster rapper" make them clear predecessors to hip hop's most beloved; J Dilla, Pharrell, Kanye West, Chance The Rapper, to name a few. From "Low End Theory", to "Midnight Marauders", to "The Love Movement" and each album in between, every release from the group has it's place in the culture as a significant moment in time.


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