Shyn9 The Preacher (Shayan Nabi) Shine on Darkness

Shine on Darkness : This 9 song album is something very close to my heart, Something where I've put my Soul, My Blood sweat and tears, Something Which your book doesn't teach you , Something which you won't taught in your college, 'cos in college they educate you but you are deprived of Knowledge , Its something where I've put the facts inside my rhymes and put 'em rhymes in my beats & As a Part of this society Its my responsibility to let the world know about this country. which was a sovereign country till 1586 , We had our Kashmiri Kings until Akbar tricked Yusuf Shah Chak and the foreign occupation started. We have existed since then and Existence is Resistance , So here I present to Y'all SOD Shine on Darkness (Self produced Composed and written by Shyn9 The Preacher)


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