Queen & Nas (Sam, Inc. mix) Queens Disciple

  • Feat. Nas & Queen
  • Added on: Sep 7th, 2017 by Sam, Inc.
  • Runtime: 62 mins, 14 songs
I created this project out of respect and admiration of Nas & Queen and the impact they’ve had on music and the world If you’d like to show support, please donate to the Mercury Phoenix Trust and the Center for Court Innovation The Mercury Phoenix Trust was founded by Queen in memory of Freddie Mercury. It’s a charity that helps fight HIV/AIDS worldwide. They give to a range of education and awareness projects, mainly targeting young people in the developing world http://www.mercuryphoenixtrust.com/ Center for Court Innovation is a non-profit that Nas has supported. They seek to create a more effective and humane justice system. They provide community-based violence prevention projects, incarceration alternatives and other programs promoting positive change http://www.courtinnovation.org/


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