R.O.E. To Happiness

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"...sailing on this ocean and my phone starts to roam / and that's when I start to realize I'm a long way from home" - R.O.E. - Long Way From Home Over the last few years since my last EP, I’ve experienced a lot. I’ve traveled the country performing shows and had some success with building my career. Throughout it all, I kept asking myself, ‘Where am I headed?’ The answer seemed so broad that it was impossible to narrow down. So I decided to write a project from those thoughts. To Happiness not only deals with a battle of finding happiness or a destination but also with finding purpose for being and existence. To Happiness is out now on Soulville Recordings! Compact Disc: bit.ly/1FQu1av iTunes: bit.ly/1wXLaML Google Play: bit.ly/1x29ZEO Spotify: bit.ly/10agNnW
  • Producer: J. Slikk
  • Added on: Nov 5th, 2014