Ridez Old Letters EP

  • Feat. ShawtyRP & Naz Harvey
  • Producer: Dan Blizz, Menace, Mr. Mulligvn (FKA Terraone), Laïoung, Lobo (FK
  • Added on: Sep 14th, 2018 by Ridez
  • Runtime: 27 mins, 7 songs
A collection of previously unreleased tracks now available on the Old Letters EP by Ridez. Available for free download on SoundCloud and Audiomack from the 14th September 2018.

"I decided to call it Old Letters because after I recorded those songs, some time had passed and life had changed. So a lot of what I was rapping about were my stories and my experiences from a couple years ago as opposed to me today in 2018. They're still very much a part of me but they don't all necessarily represent my life today. Some of the things I didn't have when recording I have now. Some of the things I was going through when recording I'm not going through anymore. So they're essentially old letters. I just never threw them away." - Ridez

Featured artists: ShawtyRP and Naz Harvey.

Producers: Dan Blizz, Menace, Mr. Mulligvn (FKA Terraone), Laïoung and Lobo (FKA JacobBeats).


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