Various Artists DJ Ziggi Marley & Godhand Black present Drinks Up

  • Added on: Jul 24th, 2014 by Raphenom
  • Runtime: 11+ mins, 32 songs
DJ Jiggi Marley (@JiggiMarley_PAY) & Godhand Black (@Godhand502) Present Drinks Up, a Hip-Hop/Reggae mixtape straight from the streets of Kingston, Jamaica. Featuring songs by Godhand Black, Drake, Three Words, Lil Wayne, Yung Miss, Kendrick Lamar, Tequila, French Montana, Marka, Busy Signal, Dutch Diamond, and D Beckham. Find more hot new music by Godhand Black at Godhand Black: @Godhand502 Jiggi Marley: @JiggiMarley_PAY Three Words: @Three0Words Yung Miss: @YungMiss Tequila: @TequilaSwag Dutch Diamond: @VBlockDutch Marka: @HookStarz Chuck Tone: @ChuckyTone187 D Nice: @RighteousFreely Drake: @Drake Lil Wayne: @LilTuneChi French Montana: @FrenchMontana Busy Signal: @BusySignal_Turf DJ Khaled: @DJKhaled Ludacris: @Ludacris Kendrick Lamar: @KendrickLa


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