Quasi Quest What The Fuck ???

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this ones for my niggas who done lost the aim... I been lost'n the game... they said smalls got bigger.... who said the south got something to say? I heard them say I wasn't free???? we aint changing the world? WHAT THE FUCK??? Quasi Quest special thanks to the muthafuckas knocking on my door or hittin my line telling me to stop playin.... I aint ever been playin im just taking my sweet ass time people died during the making of this, people were harmed, people were traumatized... im not being dramatic but what the fuck ??? babies were born and tears were shed, people fell off balconies and some overdosed in pools... What the fuck??? I know a one armed guy who balled better than me unfortunately he didn't make it to the league!! What the fuck ??? what the fuck??? the making of this tape took longer than more than a couple marriages I witnessed what the fuck ??? more importantly the ones on the path still walking learned how to be solid, we learned patience and determination yea you might not have seen the fights but u can still see the bruises...

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