PatricKxxLee Nowhere Child

Dear Lost Family,

This album is my process of self-reflection. I hope that as I share my plight, you can find something to relate to, something that will point you in the right direction to solving any problems you just can’t seem to figure out. I’ve been in a very dark place for the longest time, with questions running through my head that I just couldn’t seem to find the answers to, which lead me down
a somber path of escapism and melancholy. My actions can neither be interpreted as good or bad; this perspective I have is just a product of the life I’ve lived and the things I’ve seen and experienced. This album is here to show you that you are not alone. The Nowhere is a state of mind where you’re neither here nor there. This state of Nowhere is where my journey led me but in a sense I’ve always been here. I reached a point in my life where my only choice was to use my pain or let it consume me, this was meant to be a written intro but really it’s a message to you - if you’re listening to this album, pay attention to how every song makes you feel, use it as a tool, it was made with a purpose.

All love & 7ight to all the Nowhere Children out there...


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