pangeaux 19TH & SUMMERHILL

The best things to come by in our time here are the precious gems life has to offer...and on the corner of 19th and Summerhill, you’ll find yet another.
Pangeaux has carefully pieced together 8 tracks of dream-state melodies that convey the motions of life and the journey of a young creative soul. On this EP you will hear features from other local legends like Leo Pastel, Leclair, Logan Sherrick, K. Joseph, and the smoothest saxophone from Jake Miller. With the support of friends from Internet Pop, Soul Serum, and the production team consisting of Rocco Roy, Nedbeats, and James Heaton- the tristate is witnessing an icon in the making. Pangeaux, who also heavily produced on this project added in versatile beats from Lil Biscuit, TheGas and ForeignGotEm.
This EP brings a different aspect of musical culture that this area seems to lack at times: aura, energy, and a third eye perspective. Pangeaux has been sitting behind a laptop since the day I met him two years ago, and 19th & Summerhill is a product of that hard work and personal growth he’s made throughout this process. Written by Aubrey Masters
  • Added on: Dec 1st, 2019