Slovakian youngster Pavlic marks his debut release on Moodfamily with a defiant four tracker, changeling you with a unconventional vision on dance music. Acoustic sounds and stripped down vocal samples are the essence of his work. Only to remodel them to an evocative musical footprint with offbeat structures. Mika Communism kicks off the EP as the soundtrack for a horrific wedding ceremony. Piano, violin, clarinets and synths create an eerie atmosphere, as they are carried on by a waddling groove gently paving the way for btob. In that second track, Pavlic picks up the tempo, carelessly dropping in shy and precarious vocals, designed for intimate parties. The second half of the EP brings the title track 'In Raise' which starts out offbeat, playfully combined with vocal cuts under the gentle cover of a modest synthesizer, only to build up blossom into a futuristic waltz. Slowly Movin speaks for itself, this slow burner creeps behind the horizon with vocals and vocoders bringing tension as it were dubious clouds moving in while erratic synths glimmer like jagged mountain outlines in the distance.
  • Added on: Nov 18th, 2019