The Odd Orchestra has once again landed and they’ve brought stories from their time in the sky. This odd group of three soars beyond previous explorations. Free floating in a blend of techno, dub, jazz and rock they song-write their way through a landscape that is truly their own. Perhaps even more than the critically acclaimed albums released on Get Physical a decade ago, they now expose the rough edges, rendering themselves naked, perhaps even egoless. Please give a warm embrace to the intoxicating voice of Raz Ohara, the Belgian bohemian Oliver Doerell and guitarist/musical “akurat” Tom Krimi as “The Odd Orchestra” and dwell into this bundle of delicate electronic tristesse.

In addition to the originals, there’s three remixes included. AMyn takes on driftwood in his very own r&b manner. The addition of chords and extra melodies shows how the song holds its own in different genres. Hölle gets an revamp by Berlin locals TRU and Moodfamily’s Beazar. Both approaches are similar, both trying to strip the original song to the bone. Where Beazar distills a pertinent groove in the remix, TRU delivers an excellent bonedry beatless version of Hölle, oozing with drama and terrific contra
  • Added on: Dec 2nd, 2019