Mom Flipped is Wow Return To Mom

This mixtape has been almost a year in the making at this point. However, if you know us, you know we made each song in a few minutes. At some point, sitting on over 50 fire ass songs and having every intention to polish and perfect each track as we'd never done before, really, we were like fuck it. We started to move away from what makes us us: minimal takes, raw rhymes, raw content and every fucking beautiful blemish. Fuck editing. What you got here is the truest form of expression we could offer. a Return to Mom, truly. We did actually move back with our moms, though. Shouts to Steph on the awesome cover. TURN UP AND TURN THIS SHIT THE FUCK UP! SOME BEATS DONE BY US OTHERS WE TOOK FROM THE ORIGINAL DUDES OBVIOUSLY. ITS A FUCKING MIXTAPE! MOM FLIPPED IS WOW BOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIII


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