MKHL Oh-Sama

  • Feat. Lil Caillou
  • Added on: Sep 15th, 2018 by MKHL
  • Runtime: 15 mins, 6 songs
“OH-Sama” translates from japanese to “King” in english. The throne in space represents me being the king of my own world floating above humanity and all obstacle.

The name of the Album came from the track “Kirin.” which is a reference from Naruto. “Energy risen,” song sentence in Kirin is related to The Kirin. A legendary beast from ancient Asian folklore said to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or old illustrious ruler. Ancient folklore discusses how many japanese believed there to be a thunder god and that soon there would be an arrival of a new one put into power, and that when the day came that there would be so much energy in the form of lightning to spark up the sky marking his imminent arrival, seen by all disciples.
In the manga Naruto, His rival Sasuke uses the Kirin in his final fight with his older brother. The thunder god comes and acknowledges that this once small child finally fully grown presents himself as such a force to be reckoned with after his battle, which is a definite description of how I felt throughout the course of this project. That's what this Project was for me. Oh-Sama, featuring 11 tracks, had months of work behind it


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