Mimz The Magnificent Flowers

  • Feat. Niambi & AKilah
  • Producer: MiLK
  • Added on: May 27th, 2017 by mimzthemagnificent
  • Runtime: 25 mins, 10 songs
At seventeen years old my dream is to change the game in hip hop. When I noticed the homophobia in hip hop, at the same time I was growing into my sexuality and into myself. This made me confused about the art that I love and if there was even a place for me in it. So I decided to use my music to embody the my differences and embody the differences of others because deep down thats the meaning of music. May 27th I'll be releasing my debut mixtape called "Flowers" to unite music with the lgbt community and all other communities out there that sometimes get walled out. Cause its time to break the norm and show people that you can be yourself no matter what walls you think are too high too climb


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