Mazzi 500 The Seizure

This six track project was produced by ZEPFIRE who has worked with artist such as Jazz Cartier and G-Eazy creates an honest representation of youth life and hip hop culture. Each track is filled with metaphors and symbolism that depict different issues consuming our society such as greed, blinded ambition, and the lack of loyalty. He describes his reasoning behind his artwork for the EP by stating I’m choosing Greek mythology art because I am fascinated by it and I feel like it represents to a degree of what I’m talking about the time of war, pirates people in poverty fighting to prosper by any means. A time where people were ruthless, relentless, uncaring and unflinching when it came to their greed. While the luxurious side of everything seems lavish and beautiful in the Greek mythology. Sex was desensitized, war was for expansion and to modernize, fighting was for enjoyment and entertainment . I feel like this is our modern day North America. I feel like I am a victim and survivor of my community and lifestyle and while the society is rotten and cold blooded I strive to be at the top of it. Hence “the seizure” I am seizing the game like Julius Caesar himself.”
  • Producer: ZEPFIRE
  • Added on: Aug 27th, 2018