John Neilan Self - MADE

  • Producer: John Neilan
  • Added on: Sep 2nd, 2018 by MADE
  • Runtime: 58 mins, 20 songs
Well, this is the 11th album comfortably rolled out of the studio.
As the first track say's...The Adventure Begins, this finds me in a whole new era of making music. Hell, there's even Drum & Bass in there too lol. Most musicians who make music these days, to me, put themselves into a catergory...Rock, Beats, Pop etc. I just sit down at my laptop and keyboard and start with a beat or the first sound that hit's me. After that it's use the same key or tempo and work from there. What I try and fulfil with MY music albums are these it catchy, are you still listening after 30 seconds and more importantly, is it music you can drive to or even think to. If the answer is yes to all, my job is complete. Also because of the many genre's in there, if it can be used in an advert or film then that's another feather in my cap.
If you have any comments, feel free to express them...they can only make me better at what I do and if you wish to use any of my music, just drop me a line as it's all downloadable I just want to know where it's being used (in a good way hopefully).
So sit back, enjoy the ride and let me captain your ears to another world :-)
John :-)


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