VA (Various Artists) Quality Underground Hip-Hop

  • Added on: Jul 26th, 2018 by LeuNie Q. Bin
  • Runtime: 75 mins, 24 songs
A compilation of quality underground hip-hop for the true enthusiasts and real heads. In a time where the true elements of the culture have been corrupted, displaced and misconstrued we have to often dig deeper and look even harder to find the hungry emcees, producers & DJs that are still obeying hip-hop law and representing the founding fathers through the art of emceeing, beat making and wax cutting. Don't be hypnotized by 'the sound of the drum' and fall for the old carrot on a stick routine and obey what commercial clowns are trying to pass as actual quality music. How much time has went into these songs? How much thought? How precious does the producer consider his beats? How thoroughly has the album been molded, crafted and edited to ensure the listeners/supports/fans have 100% satisfaction? Or is it the fast buck gimmick with naked women, drug use and satanic symbolism and electronic pop-hop that somehow being labeled "hip-hop?" Do yourself a favor, give this an honest listen from front to back. Take a break from fake. There are a lot of cats still doing it out there and this album demonstrates a few. #godblesshiphop


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