L'Daialogue The Long Way

In 2013, coming off of the heels of the monumental 5-day collaboration sessions that spawned the critically-acclaimed underground project "The Bush League: Cold Skool", award-winning New Orleans based producer Prospek and legendary underground Hip Hop producer/DJ Bazooka Joe came up with an idea. Since the success of Cold Skool had taken off in a positive direction, it was time to work on a solo project with one of the artists from those sessions.

Memphis' emcee L'Daialogue DiCaprio was the one that heeded the call with his latest collaborative offering titled The Long Way. The Long Way is a mixture of soul-based samples layered with classic boom bap production. But the real treat is witnessing L'Daialogue's lyricism, heavily seeped in a Southern sound marrying itself to not only Joe's Bronx, New York classic Hip-Hop upbringing but Prospek's New Orleans based live jazz backing. This project also features Rah'heim Kaboom, S. Habib & Euphonetiks frontman Lyrikill.


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